Sometimes I want to write flash fiction or short stories. Check back often for the latest pieces.

My Job as Death

     It was my first day on the job as Death, and I had no idea what to expect.
     I stopped by the receptionist’s desk to hand in my completed paperwork, which took me three years to fill out. Not that the job of Death is so coveted that they have extra hoops or anything. That’s just how it is in Hell. There’s stacks of paperwork for any job.
     “Here’s your watch, a scythe, and a pager,” Betty said. “There’s a manual in the backpack.”
     “A pager?” I said. “You mean what they used in the ‘90s?”

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The Hunt

Continued from Something Followed

 “Mary Jane!”
Angie was tugging at my arm and I finally looked to my left at her.
“Wh-what is it?”
“I saw it, okay? Can we leave now?”
Even in the low light, I could see Angie’s brow creased and her mouth in a deep frown.
“Okay, we’ll go, Angie,” I said.
She opened the door and …

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Something Followed

Continued from Behind the Mirror

“Look, there’s probably a logical explanation for it,” I said, scrolling through videos to help prove it was just a shadow we saw or something.

Angie sat staring out the window still, and she hardly blinked. Was she in shock? A bit dramatic, Angie.

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Behind the Mirror

My first mistake was looking behind the mirror. The second mistake? Recording what was behind the mirror. 

At first, it didn’t seem like a big deal. This year’s winter was colder than usual. When I noticed a draft in my bathroom, I figured it was probably just shoddy insulation or something—

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