Sometimes I write articles, short stories, and flash fiction — this is where you'll find those pieces.

PS. So grateful for the writing prompt subreddits <3

Something Followed

Continued from Behind the Mirror

“Look, there’s probably a logical explanation for it,” I said, scrolling through videos to help prove it was just a shadow we saw or something.

Angie sat staring out the window still, and she hardly blinked. Was she in shock? A bit dramatic, Angie.

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Behind the Mirror

My first mistake was looking behind the mirror. The second mistake? Recording what was behind the mirror. 

At first, it didn’t seem like a big deal. This year’s winter was colder than usual. When I noticed a draft in my bathroom, I figured it was probably just shoddy insulation or something—

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Don't Tell Them

As I feel my way along the wall from my front door to my living room, I pause with my fingers over the light switch. It has been nearly two years since I’d flipped that switch to on. On the bright side (no pun intended), all our electricity bills plummeted.

Although we still hear about The Great Blinding on the radio every day, I guess we’ve all sort of gotten used to it.

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